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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (commonly known as”manic depression”) is one of the most common and most severe psychiatric illnesses. Usually, it presents with periods of prolonged depression alternating with periods of elated (“high”) mood, known as mania. Symptoms of mania include pressured speech, reckless behaviour, and increased libido. In severe cases of mania, there may be disturbance in thinking and even psychosis. A milder form of mania, known as hypomania, also exists.


Bipolar disorder can cause considerable impairment to lives of sufferers, although if effectively treated, people are able to function successfully in their day-to-day lives and jobs. Although there is currently no cure for bipolar disorder, effective treatments can hugely improve the chances of recovery. At Optimum Psychiatry we will offer a full assessment of your needs, and offer a tailored treatment plan to assist in the recovery process.